Article 1

Our quotations and sales are made under the conditions below. These conditions are assumed to be accepted by the purchaser.

Article 2

All our quotations are without obligation.

Article 3

The goods are considered to have been accepted in our warehouses and are transported at the purchaser’s risk.

Article 4

We will comply with the indicated delivery period to the extent possible, but it is never binding. Thus a delay cannot justify the cancellation of the contract under any circumstances, nor give rise to a compensation claim, whatever the cause that may be invoked. In all cases, Gelis Ltd. or its representative has the right to a 60-day extension of the delivery period, without the purchaser having the right to compensation and without the possibility of cancellation in these circumstances. This 60-day period shall begin on the day that a summons is received by registered letter at Gelis Ltd.’s office.

Article 5

Gelis Ltd. retains the right to invoice for the goods as they are delivered, even if these deliveries are partial. We retain the right to split the delivery of the goods into different partial deliveries.

Article 6

In order to be legitimate, every complaint must be submitted by registered letter within eight days of delivery of the goods. The goods may not be returned without written permission on our part. Such permission does not imply in any way that Gelis Ltd. acknowledges that the goods that have been returned were non-compliant or defective. In any event, the returned goods travel at the purchaser’s risk and must be sent back, carriage paid, to our warehouses, whatever the value of the goods.

Article 7

Bank guarantees are not permitted under any circumstances whatsoever for contracts that only have to do with the supply of goods.

Article 8

Our invoices are payable within 30 days of the invoice date. All expired debt claims shall legally incur interest of 15% per year. Non-payment of our invoices as a result of negligence or bad faith will lead to us being entitled to increase the invoice amount by 15%, with a minimum increase of 75 euros and a maximum of 1500 euros by way of conventional compensation for damages, notwithstanding all costs, and this shall lawfully be done without notification of default.

Article 9

If the invoice is not paid on the expiry date, all the amounts owed will become immediately collectible, whatever payment conditions may have been previously granted.

Article 10

The tacit acceptance of the invoice shall always be considered acceptance of our conditions of sale.

Article 11

Retention of title. Explicit reference is made to art. 1583 of the Belgian Civil Code, which applies here. The goods supplied remain the property of Gelis Ltd. until the time when the invoice in question is paid by the purchaser. The purchaser is not entitled to pledge unpaid goods to third parties or to have them provided as collateral.

Article 12

Force Majeure. If Gelis Ltd. is unable to fulfil orders as a result of strike action, lock-outs, fire, flooding, rainwater, the impossibility of purchasing raw materials or other materials required, lack of manpower, war, rioting, government limitations or other similar circumstances at Gelis Ltd. or its suppliers’ companies, the aforementioned has the right to cancel this contract by informing the purchaser of this in writing.

Article 13

In the event of a dispute, only the Justice of the Peace in Harelbeke (B) and the Court of Kortrijk (B) shall be authorised to rule.