Are your electrically frost protected and heated showers suitable for flameproof areas?

We have both, for flameproof and non-flameproof areas. Please let us know at time of enquiry.

Can you do service or repair on emergency showers?

Yes, we can send out our engineers for service and repairs on site

Do you have forst protected emergency showers for outdoor use?

Yes we have a wide range of frost protected emergency showers and eyewashes for outdoor use. We have emergency showers protected against frost down to -20°C and even to -35°C.


Do your emergency showers meet with the current standards?

All our emergency showers are produced according the AnsiZ 358.1 - 2014 standard for emergency showers and eyebaths. We don't forget the European Standard EN 15154, but as the AnsiZ standard is much more strict, our emergency showers also meet weth the EN standards. Certificates are available at time of delivery.