Mobile safety showers

Mobile safety shower - 114 litres - frost free

STD-H-40K/45G, frost-free mobile emergency shower with a 114 liter storage tank and a flushing capacity of 1 ½ minutes. The unit is suitable for temporary use. The storage tank is easy to fill and can then easily be brought to location by using the two-wheeled trolley. The carbon steel tank has a coating on the inside to prevent corrosion. To create a good spray jet, compressed air must be added.

The drench shower is activated by a lever. The frost-free, electrically traced ABS eyewash with lid and lid activation is activated by opening the lid. Because of the lid, the eye wash remains free from dirt and dust. The outside of the tank is treated with acid-resistant paint and fitted with a green insulating jacket. The emergency shower pictograms are conform the international standard.

This mobile emergency shower is designed to provide a quick first aid intervention for use where a fixed emergency shower is not available. Further decontamination is necessary after use. Frost-free down to -20°C and available for ATEX and NON-ATEX ZONES.

  • Electrical, frost-free insulating green jacket
  • Frost-free eye wash
  • 114L storage tank
  • Easy to move by 1 person
  • Stainless steel trolley
  • Activation of the drench shower : by means of a lever
  • Activation of the eyewash : by opening the lid
  • Available for rent
  • ATEX or NON ATEX version
  • Frost-free down to -20°C