Oogspoelfles eyeaid

Eyeaid eyewash bottle

The unique Eyeaid eyewash bottle with a flush capacity of 15 minutes per bottle, is the only eyewash bottle according to the AnsiZ 358.1. and EN 15154-5 for emergency showers and eyewash showers, especially if it is still kept at a temperature between 15°C and 38°C. 

The unique activation cap automatically keeps the eye open during decontamination.

Emergency eyebaths and eyewashes

Eyewashes & Eyebaths

Our range of eyewashes consists of eyewashes on a flexible hose, fixed eyewashes to connect to a water supply, frost-free eyewashes as well as autonomous eyewashes. 

Depending on the production conditions, a different material can be chosen, stainless steel or ABS, with or without a lid to keep the inside of the eyewash clean from dirt and dust.

Unheated emergency safety showers

Emergency safety showers for indoor use

These emergency showers are suitable for indoor installation, where there is no risk of freezing. Choose from different types and materials and be guided to the right emergency shower for your application. Thanks to the many options, we put together an indoor emergency shower into your ideal safety shower.
Heated emergency safety showers

Emergency safety showers for outdoor use

For emergency showers for outdoor installation, a distinction is always made between frost-free emergency showers with unheated water & frost-free emergency showers with heated water between 16°C-38°C, with an ideal temperature between 20°C-25°C coform the EN 15154-5 .

Discover our different types such as the classic frost-free emergency showers, stand-alone tank showers and emergency showers with boiler. Thanks to the many options, we put together an outdoor emergency shower into your ideal emergency shower.


Safety showers with tepid water 20°C-25°C

It is important to provide eyewashes and safety showers with heated water. Rinsing with tepid water at 20°C-25°C is important in situations where emergency showers are used, such as in industrial environments or laboratories where workers may be exposed to hazardous substances or chemicals.

When rinsing with heated water, a longer rinsing time is possible, thermal shock is avoided and rinsing provides immediate pain relief.

Mobile emergency safety showers

Mobile safety showers

A movable or mobile emergency safety shower is a temporary solution when the existing emergency shower is not available due to maintenance or repairs, for example. A temporary, mobile safety shower is also ideal at locations where chemicals are rarely used. 

Mobile emergency safety showers are available in different volumes, namely 114 liters or 1200 liters, for indoor or outdoor use.

PPE decontamination showers

PPE decontamination showers

When someone wears a specialized protective suit for work with hazardous substances, the suit may need to be cleaned before taking it off. View our range of decontamination showers that will avoid contact with chemicals during changing.

ABS kunststof sproeiroos

Spare parts & optional fittings

On all different models of emergency showers and eyebaths, several options can be fitted. The purpose of the options is to improve the visibility, acces or use of the safety shower or eyebath. 

Very important are the various types of alarms, as every single second that external help can be offered earlier, can save lives.